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New Series - THE WISH

Posted by Wondermeow - June 24th, 2015

Hello Newgrounds,

As you guys are aware or may not be aware I am currently in the stages of creating a new series THE WISH base on the fantasy card game Magic the Gathering. It is a story based on Jace Beleren and his little companion Chandra Nalaar in reality they are not the best of companions and at times battle each other but that’s another story in a different universe.

In this original fantasy story these guys are more like master and pet I hope you guys will follow these two on their journey to hunt for the mystical coins that can grant them any wish desired. I think that’s all I’m going to say for now don’t want to spoil the story now do we.

The Wish episodes will be released every 2 months due to our small team and that’s if we don’t run into any hiccups on the way. The first 2 episodes are released prologue and episode 1 can be found below on the links provided:

The Wish – Prologue:

The Wish – A New Path:

Please say hi to the team below when you have the opportunity and leave any question you may have below we will try to answer them the best we can when we have time:


Wondermeow: http://wondermeow.newgrounds.com/
Special effects:
ShinobiEx: http://shinobiex.newgrounds.com/
ezraravin: http://ezraravin.newgrounds.com/
Voice actors:
chrisrosewood: http://chrisrosewood.newgrounds.com/
NintiChance: http://nintichance.newgrounds.com

Besides that will endeavour to keep you posted on progress and if you feel you have some talent to help push the series ahead don’t feel afraid to leave a message will be happy to hear you out.

Kind regards,


Comments (13)

i was animating for almost 10 years now starting around 2007 or 2008 but it was mostly ms paint and windows movie maker back then. my most popular animation has almost 500000 views to which i am proud of but i just can't seem to get back up there anymore. nowadays i kinda feel like a hasbeen. but you seem like you're having fun. and im getting used to flash.

I look forward to seeing your new wrk ^^

How goes it dude. Just thought I would stop by to say hi. I have been seeing you all over the forums as of late. Whenever someone is looking for an artist you always kindly suggest yourself by telling them to check out your work. I don't know how young you are but I just wanted to say that it is awesome that you have the guts to put yourself out there like that. I didn't have that courage when I was in my teens. Keep working at your craft, even if it is just a hobby, and your animations will be kicking ass in no time :)

Hi Hero101,

Thank you very much noticing me, lol I have been popping up abit much ^^ your words are very encouraging I hope to reach there someday.

Kind regards,


Wondermeow, I think you should use Fl Studio for the sound engineer because it is easy and you can get an umlimited free trial.


Thanks for the tip will do ^^

Hey WonderMeow, just saw your video here and I just want you to know that it's fantastic! Love the dialogue, the lip synching especially fits with the artwork, and the NOOOO at the end I found it to be especially funny. Keep up the good work, yo! :)

Thanks champion ^^

Hey wondermeow, I've seen you literally everywhere, its like you are an unstoppable force of post and getting yourself out there. I'm Template, perhaps you've seen me around. I see you like Magic the Gathering, especially amusing magic the gathering things, i am fond of such things as well, pretty much any kind of fantasy setting sort of deal. Let me know if you are ever doing a collab or something perhaps my artistic abilities could be of some use to you.

Hi Template,

Thank you, a lot of people been telling me the samething these days, lol. Sure of course I'll keep you posted when something comes up ^^.

Kind regards,



I'm seeing a pattern here. You've never done something with a legitimate story?

Ah you notice, i tend to pickup what i like and go with it ^^ because most of the things i do are either commission base work or things i see interest in.

Kind regards,


saw you followed me recently, a pleasure to meet you and thank you

who da fook is dat guy ? (you for following me)

are you animating. did the lines. I need a website link for adsense. please give me one.

animate now and get it done in two weeks. animation does not take that long. im about to just show my nude body on the internet for money at this point and I would kill you if I have to do that and I will.

Wait you play MTG? OMG!!!

Lol, good one ^^

I love the little kitty on the thank you picture. He's so cute!

Thanks mate ^^